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  • Coach Dawn Jane

Nutrition Intuition

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

Changing how we eat and regard food can be a great stepping stone into having a better lifestyle. It's all about how we think about food. Being healthy, naturally starts with the foods we eat and the nutritional supplements that we take.

Nutrition intuition can dramatically change your mind, body and soul. Any chronic medical condition or weight problem can be relieved or healed with the correct nutritional intake.

When I was 20 I began a journey of gut healing and cleaning, as a result of a severe digestive disorder. So chronic, that I was hospitalised on several different occasions. So, I began researching the consequences of these symptoms. So, I decided changing my diet and educating myself in the world of nutrition. It was simple, the more I educated myself, The more I began to realise that there was a direct correlation between the brain and the gut, and that when you heal one, you can heal the other. My personal experience resulted in me manifesting my own destiny to help others in the field of nutrition and sport. I am particularly interested in homeopathic and natural remedies.

Our lifestyle is 95 percent, only 5 percent is related to our genetics. By the time we turn 40 we all lose a large amount of our collagen, we can return this support right back into our bodies with the correct level of nutrition.

When I was 32 I was surprisingly shocked when I discovered my metabolic age rate was 17, the personal trainers in my team had a biological age ten years younger than me. Yet, my change of lifestyle was clearly demonstrating a better one. I was super proud of myself and my self esteem and confidence proved this.

Health and happiness is an underlying deep desire for any living human being. Many times we only realise this when we start to recover from illnesses or underlying health conditions.

I empathise with the struggles that my clients have, as I have personally experienced many of them myself with this gut/brain/heart connection.

The frontal part of our brain tells us how we want to live, yet the heart and the gut are actually the signals which tell us the 'unfulfilled desires' of the soul through the ailments and symptoms, that our body produces.

Food addictions are a result of forming a sense of yourself with the foods that we eat. Hence why addictions and eating disorders arise as a result of this. Normally without the right support it can be difficult to combat on our free will. Due to the constant' hijacking' part of our brain.

It has been proven that when we change our diet our taste buds begin to change and heal around after 8-10 days.


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