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  • Coach Dawn Jane

Affirmative Yoga

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Meditation, prayer and visualization ground us in the present. We can become so conditioned to our old belief systems, that we get caught in a continuous rut or rat race. To create a new belief you actually have to go white knuckle sometimes, as it takes real effort to create real change. Then it will become second nature.

'In the Buddhist world. that which protects the mind. Protects us from the outer world'. If you want your affirmations to be magnified, you must feel them from deep within your body. Really feel it emotionally to the core.

Mediation and affirmations enhance and allow us to find our true self and inner peace in the present. It is somewhere we all have the ability to go and can find at anytime/ anywhere. But it does require practice and strength of mind like any workout or sport.

It has been such a challenging time for the world globally, but I am a big believer in embracing both the negative and positive aspects of life. Meditation and contemplative practices are wonderful tools to find that balance.

Ever since I travelled to Abu Dhabi I realised that every day can be an opportunity for change. Every morning, I would begin the day meditation, and no matter what happened the day before. I would honour the sun rising from the East with gratitude and excitement.

For many of my clients they state that the morning can be quite daunting, and it is often coupled with immense fear from the chaos from the previous days before. The power of visualisation and intention is incredible. I have witnessed people overcome addictions, bereavements and financial insecurity and replace it with peace and serenity. Simply sitting in a place of peace can potentially help the world. Statistics have shown that there are actual physical statistics to back this up.

Techniques which help my ability to do this and to focus are Reiki, Crystal Healing and Breathing Techniques. They are beautiful practices and methods which help to redirect and activate the mind to slow down. When we can do this, it allows us to be able to observe our behaviours and our lifestyle with a rational mind, instead of 'ego' based. It will shift the 'ego' mind into a state of self awareness.

A great method to find out what is lacking in your life, is to observe what you judge and criticise. It reveals the parts of yourself that are struggling in life. I once heard that when we judge, we no longer become an influencer for that person. We become the mirror of perpetuate fear.


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