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Hi, I'm Dawn Jane Keogh

I'm a fully qualified Wellness Coach for children and adults in Milan and Arese, Italy. I create individual wellness vision programmes, tailored to meet the individual needs of my clients, which allows you to reach your goals in fitness, nutrition, and self-development.

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Together we’ll focus on your holistic health by creating a personalized wellness vision in the areas of fitness, nutrition, and self-development. I’m here to help you reach achievable goals that can later be maintained for the rest of your life.  

  • 1:1 personal wellness sessions

  • PRIVATE fitness training

  • empowerment for children


  • English courses


Have you tried everything and still aren’t getting the results you desire? That’s all about to change. I have been there and know the first-hand difficulties in making lifelong changes. I’m here to show you that you can achieve them, and I will be extremely dedicated and enthusiastic every step of the way. 

I’m particularly passionate about supporting people with lifestyle changes, such as moving countries, children and adolescents with anxiety, body dysmorphia, eating disorders, obesity, addictions, relationship problems particularly with codependency and narcissistic abuse through a holistic and therapeutic approach

My superpowers are my compassion and my ability to create programmes with achievable goals that can be maintained. I use my intuition and empathy in helping my clients through challenges that they may be facing either externally or internally.

My programmes are designed to create and maintain lifetime wellness, as opposed to temporary quick fixes. We’ll cover all areas including fitness, nutrition, and self-development.

It’s all possible. I’m here to show you how.


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I‘ve worked in numerous International schools worldwide to help children and adolescents embrace wellness from a young age, and I currently work with Virgin Active in Milan and private clients around the globe. My credentials as a Wellness Coach include General Teaching Council for Scotland, Virgin Academy Formations, and Mindvalley (Wellcoaches Training by Coach Meg).

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"Dawn Jane will help you find your journey and to discard journeys that have been placed in your way that were never yours to begin with.  She will then show you how to proceed on your own tailor-made, exclusive journey.  She can show you how to shut out the chatter of other voices that have nothing to do with you.  To find your own voice.  To find your own life purpose.  And then, to live your life with that purpose." Carmen R Rutlen, Best-selling Author

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